Sigma 4.15

An adventure role playing and puzzle game for single players
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The Sigma adventure game for single players will certainly give you something to think about as you explore the strange environments that you find yourself in. At the beginning of the game, you have no idea of your own identity, the place you are in, or who or what Sigma is. You have nothing but a brief message to guide you at the beginning of your adventure and to discover the answer to the questions above, you should explore the compound you are in - and to do that, you should solve some puzzles along the way. Using your mouse and the arrow keys on your keyboard, you will find it easy to move your character and to navigate your way around the various graphically illustrated rooms that you will visit.

You begin your adventure by first visiting an Easter Island statue and the first clue you need in order to proceed you can find on the message board to your right. Your journey will take you through a blue corridor, hexagonal doors, a round gray room where you will discover a pyramid of puzzles and other clues and information. Solving the puzzles opens doors for you in the emergency power unit, enables you to pull levers and press switches, and finally leads you back to where you began to find a message that will answer your questions. One good tip for you, keep a pen and paper at hanf for this challenging game.

Luis Sanchez
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